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Dr. Jamma welcomes you to join the family of Pineville Pediatrics! Pineville Pediatrics is now a Medical Home. We are accepting new patients.

Preventative Care

Pineville Pediatrics provides comprehensive pediatric care from birth till 18 years of age. Preventative and /or Well Child Check Care and Immunizations as per AAP and ACIP/CDC schedules. More Info ->

About Us

At Pineville Pediatrics, our team is committed to provide superior Pediatric Care for your child. We respect the individuality of each family and feel privileged to assist you. We strive to provide the best environment for your child’s medical, developmental and emotional well being. We work diligently to make both you and your child’s experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.

We provide EXTENDED OFFICE HOURS and In Office Lab testing and ALLERGY TESTING as well.

We follow the Best and the Right way of Practicing Medicine.

Our Services

Next Services - Point of Care Testing

Well and sick visits

Hearing and Vision Screening

Analytical Testing for ADHD

Asthmas and Allergy Clinic (Thursdays)

ADHD Clinic Testing . Evaluations and Follow Ups

Asthma Clinic

Goals of this Clinic include – Asthma testing and treatment – including lung function testing, Individualized education about asthma and environmental triggers, Training for giving medicines and monitoring asthma, Coordinating care with your child’s school nurse and other health care providers/Subspecialities as needed and providing the appropriate Asthma Action Plan .

Allergy Testing

We have the quickest way to learn about causes of allergies, by performing a painless skin test that can tell you what you’re allergic to in just 15 minutes and treat them accordingly using various methods of Immunotherapy /”Allergy Shots”. We start this testing at the age of 4 years , and any younger children are usually evaluated and are tested in other ways / sent to an Allergist as needed . Watch this seven minute video for a better understanding of how it is done .

We are a Medical Home . What is a Medical Home ?

The AAAHC (The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) includes a chapter specifically devoted to medical home standards, including assessment of the following characteristics:

Relationship , Continuity of care , Comprehensiveness of care, Accessibility and Quality of Care between patients and providers.

Best Pediatricians in Charlotte


❝ We love the staff, the environment of the clinic and especially Dr. Jamma’s love and care. My husband and I know we can count on her any time and she has provided great care for our baby. We would like to say thank you to everybody at Pineville Pediatrics and especially to Dr. Jamma! ❞
- J. Brown

❝ Dr.Jamma is absolutely amazing. The staff are very pleasant and Dr.Jamma is constantly involved in the way THEY treat patients as well. I brought my friends in to her , for her to see already and they switched themselves after watching her. So I would absolutely recommend her ANY time, ANY day. She is the best! ❞
- Aziza Nouari

❝ Dr. Jamma takes care of my two sons and they both enjoy being her patients very much. It’s amazing how she has connection with the kids and vice-verse. She goes beyond the care of the body and that is priceless. I totally trust, respect, and appreciate Dr. Jama. ❞
- Cindy Mello

❝ Dr. Jamma has been truely a blessing to my family. She has provided more than excellent care for my daughter since she was 5 months old and she is now one year old. She has guided us through many illnesses of our child and has always “been there” for us , no matter what ! I would recommend her in a heart beat. She is a loving, caring, patient , honest , understanding pediatrician , who is very personable in her approach. She truely cares about the patient, which is a rarity now adays. I have switched between practices and I do understand the difference, absolutely. ❞
- Alexandra Hoover

❝ Dr. Jamma is a very experienced pediatrician and she also has a big and intuitive heart. Dr. Jamma and her team are just amazing and we feel very blessed to have them in our life. by the Reis family with love. ❞
- G. Reis

❝ My son TJ has Cerebaral Palsy and is sick very often. Dr. Jamma never takes things lightly. She looks into every concern I have thoroughly. I am expecting and we were going to move out of town but I changed my mind because I WILL NOT let anyone else care for my newborn. I will not be able to rest unless she checks my baby and gives her ok. We absolutely LOVE her! ❞

- Alesha Tuck

❝ Dr. Jamma is really caring and knowledgable, was able to sort out all issues that were not resolved by our previous Dr very quickly. She answers all questions and explains her prescriptions in detail. I feel very confident when we visit her office. The nurses are also very nice and can get along with little kids very well. ❞
- Olga Ryzhikova

Access our Patient Portal Now

For all Medical Emergency after hours call 911. The portal is to be used only for Non Emergent purposes and /or AFTER HOURS until 11.00 PM and WEEKENDS . Response time – 6 – 12 hrs AND from a Physician ON CALL . For Emergencies, call the office during our office hours at 704 – 540 – 3036 or go to one of the preferred hospitals listed on our Office Hours /Appointments Page Preferred Hospitals in Emergencies

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