Our Services

Pineville Pediatrics provides comprehensive pediatric care from birth till 18 years of age.

Preventative and /or Well child check Care and Immunizations as per AAP and ACIP/CDC schedules

Point of Care Testing – Well and Sick visits
Hearing and Vision Screening – Well Visits.
Sick Visits – Scheduled AND Same day
Cutting Edge Services – Analytical Testing for ADHD
Asthma and Allergy Clinic – Thursdays ONLY
ADHD Clinic –  Testing and Evaluations and Follow ups – Tuesdays ONLY Dental Varnishes until 3 years old. All forms of school, sports, camp, day care etc. will be ready in 1-3 business days from the time of drop off with a $25 charge applied , if they are NOT presented on THE DAY of Physical Check /Exam /Visit. $25 charge – for the request of medical records while moving to another practice and we provide it in either fax or print copies of documents only. No CDs/Discs will be provided.

We are a Medical Home . What is a Medical Home ?

The AAAHC (The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) includes a chapter specifically devoted to medical home standards, including assessment of the following characteristics:

Relationship, Continuity of care, Comprehensiveness of care, Accessibility, and Quality of Care between patients and providers.

Asthma Clinic and Allergy Testing :

Asthma Care : Goals of this Clinic include – Asthma testing and treatment – including lung function testing, Individualized education about asthma and environmental triggers, Training for giving medicines and monitoring asthma, Coordinating care with your child’s school nurse and other health care providers/Subspecialities as needed and providing the appropriate Asthma Action Plan .

Allergy Testing : We have the quickest way to learn about causes of allergies, by performing a painless skin test that can tell you what you’re allergic to in just 15 minutes and treat them accordingly using various methods of Immunotherapy /”Allergy Shots”. We start this testing at the age of 4 years , and any younger children are usually evaluated and are tested in other ways / sent to an Allergist as needed . Watch this seven minute video for a better understanding of how it is done. https://www.allervision.com/allergy_video