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Pineville Pediatrics provides comprehensive pediatric care from birth till 18 years of age.

  1. 1. Preventative and /or Well child check Care and Immunizations as per AAP and ACIP/CDC schedules        ;                    
  2. 2. Point of Care Testing – Well and Sick visits ; Hearing and Vision Screening – Well Visits.
  3. 3. Sick Visits – Scheduled , Same day and Walk in
  4. 4. Cutting Edge Services –  Quotient Testing for ADHD
  5. 5. Asthma and Allergy Clinic – Thursdays ONLY
  6. 6. ADHD Clinic – Quotient testing and Evaluations and Follow ups – Tuesdays ONLY
  7. 7. Dental Varnishes until 3 years old. All forms of school, sports, camp, day care etc. will be ready in 1-3 business days from the time of drop off with a $25 charge applied , if they are NOT presented on THE DAY of Physical Check /Exam /Visit. $25 charge – for the request of medical records while moving to another practice and we provide it in either fax or print copies of documents only. No CDs/Discs will be provided.


We are a Medical Home . What is a Medical Home ?

The AAAHC (The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) includes a chapter specifically devoted to medical home standards, including assessment of the following characteristics:

 Relationship , Continuity of care , Comprehensiveness of care,  Accessibility and Quality of Care between patients and providers. 


Quotient Testing for ADHD  :  

 35143_BDC_logo_dev_logo19-2_colorWe are very proud to offer our patients with The Quotient ADHD Test, an objective tool to aid in the diagnosis and management of ADHD or ADD. This is an extremely cutting edge service as we are the only independent pediatric practice in South Charlotte area with this device. This tool is able to accurately determine your child’s level of inattention and hyperactivity and track the progress after initiating treatments. Patients will be scheduled with Dr. Jamma only on Tuesdays for initial as well as follow up evaluations. Objective data/reports are provided right after, for parents, teachers upon request .

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Asthma Clinic and Allergy Testing :


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